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The MAST experiment has been in operation at Culham since 1999. It follows the highly successful START experiment (1991 - 1998), to further explore the spherical tokamak (ST) approach.

The main objectives are:

  • Studies in a new regime, to provide improved understanding of tokamaks, and improved ITER design (e.g. effects of plasma shaping).
  • To investigate the potential of the spherical tokamak route to fusion power.

MAST News Bulletins

MAST News Bulletin - December 2003June 2005

Contents: Successful experimental programme, plant improvements, error field correction coils and locked mode threshold, particle transport studies with deuterium pellet injection, conferences and visits.

MAST News Bulletin - December 2003April 2005

Contents: Ongoing physics programme, PF circuit improvements, diagnostics developments: high resolution crystal spectrometer (THEMIS), international collaborations.

MAST News Bulletin - December 2003February 2005

Contents: 3rd MAST Results Review and Research Forum, new physics campaign started, non-solenoid start-up studies, locked mode threshold and H-mode threshold studies, HELIOS validation, diagnostics improvements, HOMER real-time optical data system.

Some earlier news bulletins from MAST:

December 2004

October 2004

August 2004

June 2004

April 2004

February 2004

December 2003

October 2003

February 2003

January 2003

Background information

Explanation of the mission of the MAST experiment.

The Spherical Tokamak

Background information about the ST including a conceptual power plant design (interactive cut-away).

MAST Engineering

Interactive cut-away diagram presenting the main engineering features.

Plasma Heating on MAST

Neutral Beam Injection and Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating.

Plasma Formation in MAST

How Merging Compression is used to save central solenoid flux.

MAST Power Supplies

The special electrical power supplies for the MAST coils.

Construction and commissioning

Month-by-month pictorial history of the construction, assembly and commissioning of MAST.

Technical papers

A selection of published papers and reports relevant to MAST.

MAST Team Photo

Assembled on top of the vessel, December 2000.


The hugely successful forerunner to MAST.

List of industrial contractors

in the construction of MAST

MAST is jointly funded by EURATOM and the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.